Authentic Auctions LLC

We offer full auction estate services including:


Welcome to the New Authentic Auction's Site! (Which is currently under construction. Please let us know if you have issues!)

A locally owned and operated company since 2014

We offer top quality services and payment methods to suite your needs.

  • Estate Services: From cleaning out the estate to cleaning the house -
  • Local Moving: Downsizing locally? We'll move your items to your new home.
  • Online Auctions: With local shipping or pickup you get a larger audience for your items.
  • Managed Sales: We will run an estate or yardsale for you and take care of the leftovers.

  • Commission based
  • Buyout: based on fair market value less expenses
  • Hourly: rates based on job.

Upcoming Auctions

Future auctions which will be online for now will be listed here. We are working to make our auction hall safe from COVID-19 .

Our auctions are listed on auctionzip and this website appears to have some issues with Auctinzip's script.

  • When you click on the name of the auction or view listing, the script kicks you back to the home page. If you click on auctions again, the listing is open.
  • They only give you a partial listing of the items with links to view the individual items and no pictures
  • If you click on any item link, it will take you to Auctionzip to view the item. If you scroll down to the bottom of the listing, you can click on the "Explore this Auction" button which will bring you to all the pictures.
  • We are sorry for this inconvenience and are working on getting this fixed.

Services and Rates


  • Picked up Consignments 50%
  • Delivered Consignments 35%
  • Hourly Services quote

Buyouts are based on the current market value of merchandise less the cost of marketing and a 10% profit.


Coming Soon



715 Maine Ave Farmingdale, ME 04344


+1 207-441-0007

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